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What Exactly is Solar Energy?

You might be noticing an increase in the use of solar energy lately, however, what is solar energy really? A simple answer is that it is energy that man gets from the rays of the sun. The energy, heat and light coming from the sun is collected by solar panels and then this energy is converted into a very useful type of energy that we all can benefit from. There are two types of solar energy that can be used. There is passive solar energy and active solar energy.

So, what is solar energy that is called passive? This would be the kind of solar power that is the most archaic and in its most practical form. It is the simplest, this is where the suns energy is used as is, simple, for use in lighting and heating purposes. A good example would be a solar blanket you would use to heat a pool or solar panels to use for redirect light onto crops.

What is solar energy technology? Solar energy needs to use photovoltaic technology. The photovoltaics harnesss the energy that comes from the sun and then with semiconductors it will convert the energy from the sun to a usable form of energy by turning it into direct current energy or DC. There are big solar farms and solar panels on homes that you will notice probably often and they are being used for generating energy.

Solar energy can be used in a variety of different ways. Contrary to popular belief the solar energy we use is not just converted into electricity for power grids. It also is used to heat different things. It can be used to help increase the growth of plants and used for natural lighting so people can save on electricity.

One major benefit of using solar energy is that its use is not geographically limited to one area. This is because solar panels that are used can be put just about anywhere and on just about almost any scale. They can be used on the smallest home to a huge solar farm out in the desert.

It is predicted that solar energy will become one of our major sources of renewable energy in the near future and should be seriously considered by all those who use energy. It really has no limits when it comes to the applications it can be used for, it is reliable and extremely cost effective.

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