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How to Watch TV on your PC

We all are familiar with the situation where you are just thrilled to watch your favorite show and another member of the family has claimed the remote control or the television broke down or the cable connection has vanished. In these times of technological benefits there is no harm done, as long as ...more

Understanding DirectTV Internet

The satellite company DirecTV has added a new service to their usual satellite television service which is DirecTV Internet. This services provides you with an internet connection using the satellite instead of the regular internet. There are two ways in which DirecTV is mostly offered. It can be ma ...more

Understanding Streaming Media And How It Impacts You

Multimedia which is continually received by a general public and which a streaming provider is delivering is called streaming media. The term comes from the way the media is being supplied. There is a difference between media which is being distributed via a telecommunications network and media whic ...more

How to Watch Live TV on your Windows Computer

While the cable companies and digital TV providers keep on their toes in order to keep up with the technologies, they will lose to the capability of the world wide web every time. Not only do these companies have huge overhead expenses, they need to make very large investments in order to keep up to ...more

iPlayer Instructions for non-UK Residents

Since iPlayer is a service provided by the BBC for UK residents who have paid television license fees, it has a restriction for people who don’t live in the United Kingdom. If you try to log onto the service outside the UK, you will get the announcement that you are not allowed to watch iPlayer. Thi ...more

Which is the Best Service to Use For TV on PC

When you have been looking around on the internet exploring your options on how you can watch your favorite TV shows on your computer, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. All the services, software and hardware out there, may make you feel like you have to be a real computer freak to sort all t ...more

What is Streaming Internet TV?

Streaming internet TV is the most up-to-date way to be able to watch TV on your PC. By downloading certain software or choosing a streaming service online, it is suddenly possible to watch TV on your PC worldwide. Now you can have access to all these TV channels with countless categories for you tak ...more

How To Stream Television to your PC

Do you find yourself being curious about what is going on in different parts of your country or maybe different parts of the world? Maybe you want to know more than just the stuff you see on the eight o'clock news. Maybe you are interested in somewhere specific and want news that doesn’t make it to  ...more

Why Joost Is a Great Choice for Free TV on your PC

For all the people out there who are looking for a way to watch TV on your PC for free, there is a very good way to do just that. There are a lot of free services where you can watch TV through your computer, but a lot of the time, their servers get overloaded because there are so many of you trying ...more

What To Expect When Setting Up Digital TV On Your PC

Next to all of the possibilities of free streaming services, paid streaming services and programs to watch TV on your PC, the next obvious step is to watch digital TV on your PC. Even though it is available, it still is in baby shoes and needs to be researched before making any decisions, otherwise  ...more


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