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Our Top Recommendation
Cotton Spoonk 2 -Piece Acupressure Mat Combo

As seen on Dr Oz's Best Advice Ever, this Spoonk acupressure mat with 6210 pressure points will help relieve pain and muscle tension, induce deeper sleep, relieve stress and anxiety, increase endorphins, improve circulation and boost energy. Made in USA from 100% high quality thick cotton and plant-based Eco Foam, Spoonk is far superior to any other brand. This set includes 1 regular sized mat plus 1 travel size, so you'll never have to be without it. Or roll the travel mat into a pillow and use both together. Comes in various beautiful colours.

Also Recommended
The Secret to an Optimal Mind and Body

This book is one that reveals a nicely refined acupressure massage system that is for self-massage by using the 23 most powerful points used in acupressure and massage. The author, Selene Yangtze claims that she has not gotten sick in 20 years because of using this massage system. This book is nicely illustrated and is well written and easy to understand. It enables the reader to learn quickly to use the massage system to vitalize themselves and achieve better mental as well as physical health.

Those who have used the book have found it refreshing, easy to follow, quite informative and extremely helpful. Is one of Amazons top sellers.

Also Recommended
Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice

This book offers a clear and straightforward approach to massage and it simplifies the complex content of the book to make it easier to understand. It helps the reader to get a general knowledge of the principles and the practice of massage therapy. It also offers thorough information on anatomy and physiology that is involved with massage. It also has emphasis on kinesiology that includes over 170 images of the different muscles, bones and joints that are involved. It also includes a two hour DVD guide that shows techniques, various interactions with clients and even case scenarios.

Also Recommended
A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology

This text book gives very detailed information on the etiology, symptoms, signs and the different treatments for more than 500 different diseases as well as conditions for the student who is studying massage therapy. It also explains how massage therapy can influence the overall healing process. This is a comprehensive and concise book filled with a lot of information that includes risks, benefits and options at the end of each condition covered.

Also Recommended
Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain: The Practice of Informed Touch

This book is a clinical reference manual for evaluating and treating muscle pain. It has a variety of different detailed illustrations show the pain patterns and different trigger points. What is known as myofascial pain syndrome seems to be one of the faster growing problems that doctor, osteopaths and acupuncturists are dealing with today so t his book was created to give them a “user's manual” so to speak to help make it easier for them to treat their patients.

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